Crosby Advisory Group, LLC was founded on the principle that your personal and financial goals should come first. We know financial results do not have to come at the expense of maximum risk. We believe each financial plan is as individual as you.

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Your insurance protection is an extension of your financial plan and your front line defender for all your assets, income and earning potential.
As an investment firm in Ashland Ohio and an RIA, we recognize everybody should have a different and customized strategy for investing because everybody is seeking different objectives.
Whether you are part of a team or leading it, your financial position is a vital indicator of your overall business success. It's not uncommon for teams to lack the resources - time, competency, employees - to continually build, manage and evolve their marketing and customer strategies.

How much does an investment plan cost?

Crosby Advisory Group, LLC charges a flat fee for managed investment accounts but does not charge a separate fee for the construction
of your financial plan.  We believe trust is earned, therefore we do not charge an upfront fee for plan construction.

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