Investments/ Retirement Planning

             As an investment firm in Ashland Ohio and an RIA, we recognize everybody should have a different and customized strategy for investing because everybody is seeking different objectives. The growth goals of a person nearing retirement are a lot different than a person who is in their 20s just starting out, or for risk-averse investors, they may be wary of too much market exposure when they need to have access to funds in the short term. So we constructed a portfolio that had solid growth potential with significantly less volatility than the overall market. For these investors, we have a conservative portfolio that aims to achieve the following:

  • Risk Tolerance,
  • Investment Period
  • Economic Cycle
  • Personal Savings Objectives

Aggressive Investing Strategy

             For more experienced investors we have a more aggressive approach aimed to outpace market return in the long run. The Crosby Advisory Group Tactical Model provides a particularly interesting opportunity. For the Aggressive/Aggressive High strategy, we try to exemplify the benefits of long-term investing. The value of long-term investing comes from the ability to trust the process during bear markets and use it as an opportunity to purchase assets and not sell them. This investing strategy has worked out historically and contributed to the adage “It's not about timing the market, it's about Time in the market.” If you look at the major indices over the course of their existence it points to a very clear trend upwards and to the right with noticeable dips about once every decade or so. The companies we research, select, and even purchase for clients are companies that have a long track record of performance not just in the stock price but the underlying fundamentals of the company. The Mutual Funds and ETFs we research and purchase are held to the same standard and we look for the best possible options for the exposure we are trying to achieve. The Aggressive / Aggressive High portfolio aims to achieve the following:

  • Capital Appreciation
  • Long Term Outpacing of the Market
  • Smart & Tactical Investing
  • Diversification
  • Exposure to Winners of the New Economy

Moderate Investing Strategy

             When we constructed our Moderate Strategy our objective was to provide a steady return and grow on pace with market returns with less volatility than the S&P 500 index. This is a challenge in any market but this strategy has consistently done well in bear markets in late 2018 and in 2020. We believe there is a lot of value in long-term investing. Long-term investing is truly a superpower for building wealth. Time is the greatest asset when investing and there isn't a need to take on unnecessary risk. You can obtain modest returns and with continued persistence achieve your financial goals. So we constructed a portfolio that is designed for the investor that wants consistent near market returns with less volatility and wants more exposure to stocks.


Moderate-High Investing Strategy

             Our Moderate High Strategy our objective was to outpace the S&P 500 Index with less short-term volatility while preserving capital in bear markets. This is achieved by increasing the exposure to equities and rebalancing every quarter to open favorable positions at opportune times.

  • Main Attributes

  • Higher Growth Potential
  • Less Volatile Than the S&P 500
  • Quality Holdings
  • Diversified Portfolio

             The Moderate High Strategy is consistently popular because of what we have been able to achieve. There remains diversification of asset classes with positions in bonds and equities but there is also diversification in the duration of bonds and diversification within the market caps of the equity holdings.  This portfolio is designed for investors that want market returns with less volatility and want more exposure to stocks.




    Wherever you are in your wealth-building journey we would like to be a partner and help you in your success. We take great pride in being a reputable investment firm in Ashland Ohio, contact us today and we can discuss your financial plan and provide insight on the next steps you could take to achieve financial freedom and independence. At any time you can request our forms ADV 2A and ADV 2B which go into the business practices and qualifications of Crosby Advisory Group, LLC. Insurance products offered are serviced through Crosby Advisory Group, LLC, which is licensed in the state of Ohio for Life & Health and Property & Casualty insurance.  Investing involves risk, including the potential loss of principal.  You should carefully consider and understand all risks before making an investment.