Business Growth

Whether you are part of a team or leading it, your financial position is a vital indicator of your overall business success. It's not uncommon for teams to lack the resources - time, competency, employees - to continually build, manage and evolve your marketing and customer strategies. 

Success in reaching your customers is dependent upon strategic alignment, realistic and ambitious metrics, and defined channels to market with targeted messages, content, campaigns, and objectives. The CAG Marketing team has been helping business leaders create actionable marketing plans that drive business growth for over 20 years. Our areas of focus, include branding, customer experience and driving demand. 

Brand Strategy

From new brands, products, & services to expanding portfolios, sub-brands, & everything in between. 

  • Strategic planning
  • Market trends & analysis
  • Competitive landscape
  • Product positioning 
  • Short and long-term metrics

Customer Success

Your audiences demand authentic communication, quality products & continuous improvement.

  • Analysis & segmentation
  • Persona development
  • Value propositions
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) program

Demand Generation

Execution is the most critical part of a successful strategy. Do it, do it right, & do it better than your competition.

  • Channel development
  • Go to market plans
  • Sales enablement
  • Campaign & content development
  • Web & social media strategies

Team Extension: Leader, Individual Contributor

Open positions cost you both financially & through resource strain on the rest of the team - let us help. 

  • Serve as team lead or team member in your marketing department 
  • Craft original content using existing company assets
  • Executive communication & presentation development
  • Event management & support  


We're excited to learn about your business and how marketing can help!