H&W Yoga & Finding the Bull Market

New Episode of Health & Wealth Yoga: Yoga is the best of both worlds when it comes to strength training and cardio training Finding the Bull Market: While tech stocks have gotten beaten down, commodities and precious metals are well into a bull market

H&W Heart Health & How to Diversify

Screens emit blue light which can cause eye strain and trick your brain into thinking it's daytime when it’s time to be winding down leading to lack of sleep. Blue light blocks the hormone melatonin which is responsible to help us sleep. On top of these two things, studies are starting to show that screen time has other negative effects on us.


H&W Heart Health & How to Diversify

Happy Valentine’s Week! We’re deeming this week the week of love. What better way to celebrate than to go over the heart! We want you to make sure your heart and your investment portfolio are in tip-top shape.


Health & Wealth 2/9/2022

Managing stress throughout the winter (and all year round) can be tough. The American Psychological Association reports a third of Americans feel extremely stressed and nearly half of Americans believe their stress has increased in the past five years. This week’s topic carries into our wealth as well. If you’re a Dynamic Growth podcast and/or blog reader, you know that we’ve been talking a lot about market volatility. Managing your reactions when it comes to waking up to red and going to bed to green will serve you well both internally (your emotions) and externally (your actions).



Health & Wealth 1/31/2022

At-home workouts to get you through the winter blues. What is a cryptocurrency? What is a Digital Currency? Are they the same thing? What are the similarities and differences? Thanks for Watching!



Health & Wealth 1/24/2022

What supplements should you take in the winter? Why does the market care about interest rates? Thanks for watching!