Your Edge

Nate Crosby |

The owner of a horse that wins by a nose gets a prize that is 10x greater than the owner of a horse that loses by a nose.  What life tells us is that we do not have to be 10 x better to get 10x the results.  We just need a slight edge. 

The difference between great and good can be inches, seconds, or just an extra phone call.  Consider two salespeople.  Each of them are very good, in fact, they each convert 20% of their calls into customers with an average commission of $500.  Salesperson A makes 5 calls per day.  By doing the math we see that Salesperson A converts 1 of those calls into customers, thus makes an average of $500 per day.  Salesperson A is really good.

Salesperson B makes 6 calls per day.  In order to do this Salesperson B cuts 10 minutes out of the time most people are taking their lunch.  Since we know Salesperson B converts 20% of calls into customers, we know Salesperson B obtains roughly 1.2 new customers per day.  By doing the math we find out that Salesperson B makes an average of $600 per day.  Salesperson B is really good.  No, Salesperson B is great!

Both salespeople work 300 days per year, which means Salesperson B makes $30,000 more per year than Salesperson A.  Assuming they have a 30-year career, Salesperson B will generate $900,000 more income than Sales person A.

If Salesperson B lived the same frugal lifestyle as Salesperson A and simply invested his extra $100 each day receiving a 6% return, at the end of his 30-year career Salesperson B would have an extra 2.5 million dollars.

The difference between good and great is short distance when viewed through the moment.  How do we get that small edge? Is it the extra phone call per day? Maybe it is a leadership or public speaking class.  There is a woman in my office that records herself when she is talking to customers.  She uses the recordings to improve her presentation. She sells products that can protect and improve people’s financial lives.  What she understands is that by improving her ability to communicate, she then has the power to improve other people’s lives.  Broken down further, she owes it to the world to get better.

Examine your calling.  I think you will find on the base level you are there to help and serve others. What skill, if you learned it, would give you an edge? That is your answer.  Go get that edge.

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