Top 3 Reasons to Invest in Water Backup Coverage

Nate Crosby |

In Ashland, Ohio, homeowners are no strangers to the risks that come with heavy rainfall and melting snow. When it comes to protecting your home, investing in water backup coverage is essential. While standard homeowners insurance may cover water damage resulting from weather events, it does not typically include coverage for water damage caused by sewer backups, sump pump failures, or related issues. In this blog post, we'll explore three compelling reasons why you need water backup coverage to safeguard your home in Ashland, Ohio, and how the Crosby Advisory Group can help you get the coverage you need. 

  1. Protect Your Home from Sewer Backups: One of the most common and potentially disastrous causes of water damage in Ashland, Ohio, is sewer backups. A sewer backup occurs when water or sewage from the public sewer system flows back into your home through pipes and drains. This can result from heavy rainfall, blockages in the sewer system, or even tree roots infiltrating the pipes. Sewer backups can cause significant damage to your home's structure, personal belongings, and your family's health. Water backup coverage can help protect your home from the financial burden of sewer backup damage. This additional insurance coverage can be added to your existing homeowner's policy, ensuring that you're protected from the costly and destructive effects of a sewer backup. 
  2. Prevent Costly Sump Pump Failures: Sump pumps are a crucial line of defense against basement flooding in Ashland, Ohio. They work by collecting water that accumulates in your home's basement or crawl space and pumping it away from your property. However, sump pumps can fail for various reasons, including power outages, mechanical issues, or improper installation. When a sump pump fails, your basement can quickly become inundated with water, causing extensive damage to your home and belongings. By investing in water backup coverage, you can protect your home from the financial impact of sump pump failures. This type of coverage typically includes repair or replacement of your sump pump and covers the costs associated with water damage cleanup and restoration. 
  3. Safeguard Your Home from Flooding: Homeowners face a significant risk of flooding in Ashland, Ohio, and it can strike with little warning. Heavy rainfall, rapid snowmelt, and even new construction can lead to flooding in your home. For insurance purposes, a flood is defined as surface water entering the home. Standard homeowners insurance policies do not cover flood damage. Even homeowners' policies endorsed with traditional water backup coverage will likely not cover flood-related losses. Historically, flood insurance has been purchased as a separate, stand-alone policy. However, for homeowners who wish to simplify their insurance needs, Crosby Advisory Group has access to an insurance company that allows flood coverage to be added to the water backup endorsement for an additional premium.

At Crosby Advisory Group, we understand the unique risks faced by homeowners in Ashland, Ohio, and we're dedicated to helping you protect your most valuable asset – your home. Our experienced team of insurance professionals can help you determine the right water backup coverage for your needs and ensure that you're prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws your way. Don't leave your home vulnerable to water damage. Contact Crosby Advisory Group today to receive a quote for water backup coverage and protect your home and your future. Call our office at 419-496-0770 or visit our website to learn more about our comprehensive insurance solutions.