H&W Yoga & Finding the Bull Market

Nate Crosby |

Benefits of Yoga

When we think of exercise, we tend to think of two types: cardio and strength. Yoga, however, gives you both of these things! On top of that, there are many different kinds of yoga from meditative to intense. Many people look at yoga as an active form of meditation. 

Yoga's harmony between body and mind gives us many benefits - including:

  • building bone density (weight baring exercise)
  • improving blood flow 
  • building strength and flexibility 
  • improving balance and posture 

Our Yoga Favs

Poses: downward dog and child pose 

Classes: Yoga with Adrienne (YouTube), Peloton, and local studios 

There's a Bull Market Everywhere 

Why is it called a bull or bear market anyway? A 'bull' signifies a rising market and alternatively a 'bear' market is declining. In every market, there will always be well-performing stock segments. Right now - we're watching:

  • Commodities - up 31%
  • Gold - up 8%
  • Energy - up 37%

All you need to decide is your time horizon! Need help? Call us! 

Introducing CAG Marketing

Your share of voice, your story, your message. What you say and where you say it. These things have ever been more vital to a business' success. 

Carly Snyder joined our team in early 2022 and brings 20 years of marketing experience. Her goal is to help business leaders to maximize and grow by creating an actionable and measurable marketing strategy. 

CAG Marketing offers:

  • Brand strategy and positioning
  • Market segmentation 
  • Story and content development
  • Customer success 
  • Demand generation planning 
  • Team extension: leader, contributor 

Want to learn more? Contact Carly at csnyder@crosbyadvisory.com