H&W Spring Cleaning & Navigating a Bear Market

Nate Crosby |

Time for Spring Cleaning 

It’s that time of year for the extra projects – everyone’s favorite! With allergies in full swing, we wanted to highlight something that might help you breathe a little easier – duct cleaning. There are a lot of benefits you may not even think about – including:

  • Reduced allergens 
  • Improved asthma symptoms 
  • Better airflow in your home 
  • Minimize odors in your home 

Pro tip: if you are ever doing home renovations, that is an excellent time to clean the ducts. A few of us at Crosby Advisory have had ours done after home projects and you wouldn’t believe how much dirt and debris is removed from the vents! 

Not sure where to start? Give JSK Air Duct Cleaning & Home Maintenance a call. 

Build Your Bear Market Strategy Ahead of Time 

If you’re an investor, know an investor, or just watch the news, it isn’t a shock to you that the market is in a downturn. The good news is that history reminds us that cycles will always come and go – we can’t control that piece – but our mindset and decision-making is key during times such as this. 

We study the market day in and day out – you all know that! We’ve been talking to you in various formats – podcasts, newsletters, videos, and review meetings – about this possibility for some time. Our research tells us that we expect the market volatility to continue into late 2022 or early 2023. This longer time horizon distinguishes this from a standard correction to a bear market.

What does this mean for Crosby Advisory? Well, during a standard correction we continue to buy at discounted prices. However, given the predicted longevity of this downturn, we’ll be growing our cash positions. We aren’t selling investments off at a loss, we are simply preparing our investment strategies for when the pendulum swings back. Stay strong, stay brave, and stay confident!