Health & Wealth - Episode 2

Nate Crosby |



Manage Your Winter Blues By Staying Active (Inside)

Surrounded by snow or just not feeling the gym this Winter? Here are some tips for getting started or maintaining your fitness routine no matter what’s happening out your window. 

  1. Build your strength with squats, sit-ups, lunges, push-ups, planks, bicycles 
  2. Embrace the cardio with a walk while you’re on the phone, run in place, jump as high as you can, do some burpees, take the stairs 
  3. Invest in some cost-effective equipment like a jump rope, resistance bands, dumbbells, pull-up bar, or kettlebells. 

Pro Tip: To prevent injuries, we highly recommend YouTube ‘how-to’ videos before starting any new exercise program / using equipment. 

Okay now, what? Here are some tips for getting started: 

DIY: mix and match any combination of strength and cardio activities as a circuit. Try just 20-30 reps of a handful of activities and run through them 5 times. Your heart will be pumping, trust us! 

At-home, free programs: Subscribe and then clear a space in your basement, living room or wherever your mat can fit! Here are some of our favorites: 

At-home paid programs: If you prefer the accountability of an instructor-led activity, here are some options that offer try before you buy: 

Whatever works best for you, we wish you well this Winter season! Speaking of wellness, a topic that’s been growing in discussion over the last decade is the mental side of our health. Don’t be afraid to incorporate some of these tricks into your daily routine: 

  • Meditation 
  • Focus on your breathing 
  • Do the things that make you happy 
  • Read 
  • Write your thoughts in a journal or take a more informal approach with a mind dump 

Between adding vitamin D (read last week’s Health & Wealth here) and staying active both physically and mentally – you’re off to a great start to 2022! 


As you can imagine, we get a lot of questions from our clients about Cryptocurrency – Bitcoin in particular. The most recent comes from the Ashland Lions Club members in Ohio. Today we’ll take a step back and explore Digital Currency vs. Cryptocurrency. 

Let’s start with digital currency. This is any currency that is not in a physical form, meaning it’s electronic. Here are some of the key attributes:

  • can be centralized, but doesn’t have to be 
  • maybe backed or controlled by a government
  • may require banks to verify transactions 

Did you know that government officials have tested the idea of a digital dollar? From their point of view, there are advantages to replacing physical dollars with digital dollars such as control on who can hold it and how it’s used, greater visibility to all transactions (higher taxation, stopping illegal activity payment), and reduced expenses from eliminating printed bills/coins. 


Now onto cryptocurrency! This is a form of digital currency, but not all digital currency is cryptocurrency – clear as mud, right? Here are some key things to know about cryptocurrency: 


  • it is decentralized meaning no single country/government has the power to manipulate it 
  • doesn’t rely on banks to verify transactions but uses encryptions 
  • verifications are made by the network itself instead of a bank / third party which makes it inexpensive to transfer 
  • it’s impossible to counterfeit or double spend 
  • the most talked-about cryptocurrency today is Bitcoin 


Speaking of Bitcoin – what’s all hype anyway? When it comes to Bitcoin vs the US dollar, the big draw is the fixed number of coins. There are 21M coins in total whereas the USD supply is elastic. 


Thanks for joining us – looking forward to next week’s question! 

As a quick side note for those of you that watched the video, we hope you enjoyed the cameo from our client specialist, Caden Fickes! Caden is not only working with our clients but he’s learning all about an all-hands-on-deck approach to being an entrepreneur! We’re lucky to have him on our team.