Dark Social w/ Carly Snyder

Nate Crosby |

Where do you get your information?

Do you find yourself going to Google/Bing/Yahoo (insert favorite search engine here) first? Second? Not at all? If you’re anything like me, you still use search engines out of habit but can’t help but wonder if the results are all just paid sponsorships and if that product is – in fact – the best option. Imagine how many businesses we are missing out on because they can’t buy their way to the first page of results. The same goes for Amazon. More and more you hear about storefronts that aren’t even managed by the company they are selling goods from – not to mention sponsored posts, planted reviews, and ratings – you name it.

Insert the rise of dark social! Have you heard this term? It’s used by marketing professionals to describe website referrals and traffic that is difficult to track. Without a specific source, it is near impossible for companies to monitor common digital KPIs like website referrals and social media engagement. Buyers are now using alternate sources to evaluate products, find companies, and ultimately build trust with a brand. What exactly is dark social - here are some examples: social networks, content platforms, groups & communities, word of mouth, and messaging apps.

I challenge you to consider if you are more likely to take a recommendation from someone you know / a community or brand that you trust or search results that were tailored just for you. If your answer falls to the first option, ask yourself if your company’s marketing strategy is optimized for dark social.

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