Bridging the Skill Gap: Trade Agreements, Automation, and the Future of Education w/ Carly Snyder

Nate Crosby |

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In this episode of Dynamic Growth, Derek and Carly Snyder delve deep into the growing skill gap between what employers need and what employees possess. We discuss the impact of trade agreements on the labor market, the role of automation and artificial intelligence in shaping the workforce, and how universities and trade schools are adapting to prepare workers for the evolving job landscape. As globalization accelerates, trade agreements have played a significant role in redefining labor markets. We explore how these agreements have shaped job opportunities, and whether they contribute to the widening skill gap between employers' demands and employees' qualifications. Automation and artificial intelligence have become increasingly prevalent in today's workforce, displacing jobs and creating new roles that require specialized skills. We examine the implications of these technologies on the labor market and discuss strategies to ensure employees remain relevant and competitive in this rapidly changing environment. Universities have long been seen as the cornerstone of higher education, but are they adequately preparing students for the real world? We debate the effectiveness of traditional academic institutions in training workers for the job market and discuss how trade schools have emerged as an excellent alternative for skill-based learning. Join us in this engaging conversation as we navigate the complexities of the modern labor market.


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