5 Tips for Winter Driving

Nate Crosby |

5 Tips for Winter Driving

And just like that – it’s Winter! Okay, it’s been Winter but I am willing to bet that most of you let your guard down until Sunday night. Now we find ourselves wrestling with an Ohioans’ favorite Winter question – why exactly do we torture ourselves with snow and cold year after year?! Well, while you brush the foot of snow off your car, driveway and sidewalk – allow me to brush up on some safe winter driving tips! 

  1. Pack the essentials

  • cell phone charger and a first aid kit 
  • shovel and ice scraper 
  • sand or kitty litter in case your vehicle gets stuck in the snow 
  • jumper cables, flashlight, and flares/emergency devices 
  • blankets for protection from the cold 
  • windshield wiper fluid 

2. E vs F

  • be sure to keep your gas gauge as close to full as possible


3. Check your tires and batteries

  • both have a tendency to act up when temperatures dip

4. Know your car features

  • antilock brakes, all-wheel drive, side mirror heaters – whatever your car is equipped with, make sure you know how to use them properly 

5.    Insurance card at your fingertips

  • never leave home without a copy of your policy information. Pro tip: store the roadside assistance phone number as a contact in your phone! Not sure if your policy includes it? Contact Julie to find out! 

My friends may say I’m a control freak – I like to call it being prepared. Weather and road conditions can be pesky, unpredictable elements but being properly equipped pays off in the long run. Drive slowly, stay alert, and remember to sit back and enjoy this wonderful Winter season!