4 Tips for Motorcycle Safety: What You Can Do

Nate Crosby |

Your Role in Motorcycle Safety 

Much like riding a bike, each year motorcycles emerge when the weather gets warm and breezy. This fun brings some risk, as motorcyclists are far more susceptible to injury than a person driving a car. 

Whether you ride or drive, it is our duty to keep each other safe so everyone can enjoy their Summer. Here are four tips and tricks to ensure that both you and the motorcyclists are safe on the roads: 

  1. Be aware of the time of year. When the warmer months arrive and the snow melts, many motorcyclists ditch their 4 wheels for 2 so they can enjoy the summer breeze and nice weather in the months ahead. Spring starts in late March with prime riding season extending into the warmer months of Summer. So, while nothing changes for us in the cars, we must stay vigilant and be aware that there may be an uptick of motorcycles on the road with us. 
  2. Be aware of your surroundings. Motorcycles are half the size, if not smaller, than your car or truck depending on what you drive. With that, drivers must be hyper-aware of their surroundings to ensure that we spot and steer clear of the motorcyclists when we conduct a lane change or make turns. Check your blind spots, as it is easy for a motorcyclist to get lost within your limited view space.
  3. Keep your distance. Motorcycles operate differently than cars in ways that we may not be able to see as drivers. Motorcycles can stop quicker than cars, so in the event of a sudden stop, you might have less time to react than you think. Additionally, motorcycles may have different ways of slowing down that drivers cannot see. With things such as downshifting or laying off the throttle, they do not activate the brake lights like a car would and can easily catch you off guard if not paying attention. 
  4. Treat them as you would a full-sized car. While the motorcycles may be smaller, they still have equal rights to the road and require a full lane so there are no accidents. Never move over or veer to the side to share a lane with a motorcycle, even if it is possible from a size standpoint. In the event of motorcycle lane splitting, it is important to stay where you are and make no sporadic movements as the motorcycle passes through. 

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