The Crosby Advisory Group Tactical Model is a new actively managed investment strategy. We aim to beat market returns by hand-selecting highly profitable companies that are in the best position to beat market returns over the next five years. We were successful in beating market return in 2020 and we wanted to share our results. We think it's beneficial to own individual stocks in your investment portfolio. Contact us today if you feel the Tactical Model fits your investment goals and timeframe.

When we constructed the Tactical Model our objective was to outpace the S&P 500 Index in bear and bull markets. We spend a lot of time researching and evaluating the holdings in the Tactical Model and we believe it's the best representation of the winners of the 21st-century economy.

Main Attributes

  • High Growth Potential
  • Exposure to Technology
  • Well Suited for an Economic Expansion 

We are very proud of the performance in 2020 and we believe we are well-positioned for 2021. There is less diversification and it's primarily a collection of individual stocks. This investment strategy is not for every investor. There is a higher potential for volatility with the decrease in diversification, but with that volatility comes greater opportunity for growth. This portfolio is designed for the investor that wants to beat market return and/or allocate a subset of their portfolio in individual stocks. This investment portfolio works well in conjunction with a well-diversified portfolio like one of our risk-adjusted models.

Disclaimer: The Tactical Model is an aggressive investment allocation that may not be suitable for all investors. Investments within the Tactical Model may lose value. Past returns in this segment are not guaranteed. You should understand all risks and fees before making an investment.